Twenty One

21 AND LEGAL. PROCEED WITH CAUTION. It's been a long time coming... On the first of February, I finally hit the big two-o...


It's been a long time coming... On the first of February, I finally hit the big two-one. Funnily enough, I don't feel that much older. When I look back though, my teenage days seemed to have gone by in a flash. What a pity, while we are in our adolescence, we don't appreciate the naïveté freedom and time we have on our hands. It's only when those days cease to exist do we then look back and wished we had held on to them more dearly. I've definitely become a victim of that, and sadly so. Alas, there's no turning back the clock. Turning 21 however, marks a new stage in my life where I discover, create, and be a better version of me. I've set out to accomplish some of the many things I wish I'd done earlier in my teens; times when studies were always my top priority. Conjuring intangible ideas into tangible reality in different creative ways, expressing myself through fashion (and really developing a distinctive style at that), progressing in creative direction and photography... I hope the years ahead will be ones chock full of new experiences and exponential growth.

I thought long and hard about how I wanted to commemorate my twenty-first birthday. Finally I decided, in the true nature of adulthood, to throw a dinner party. I envisioned it to be a gathering of sorts: family and friends, who've been close to me at different stages of my life, coming together for a sumptuous meal. Despite having to juggle planning the event and a hectic school schedule, amidst travelling all four corners of the island to source for what I needed, at the end of the day there was a certain adrenaline to it. Perhaps I've developed a newfound love for hosting parties?

If you know me well enough, you'd know I have a soft spot for all things rustic. At the heart of Changi Village sits the Little Island Brewing Co. With long wooden banquet tables and bulbs hanging overhead, it is the epitome of rustic - just about the perfect place to hold my celebratory dinner. Naturally, I didn't have to do much; I put out a couple of jars of baby breath flowers and lighted some tea candles. As an added personal touch, handwritten calligraphy name tents were placed on everyone's seats.

All set up and ready to go - the calm before the storm... Featuring Junfu and Peiyu who came conveniently early and helped with the decorations!

There's a special quality about baby breath flowers... They're so simple, yet spruce the entire table up.

An unforgiving rain poured from the skies a few hours before the party, dampening our hopes for favourable weather. Call it fate or good luck, but minutes leading to the dinner, the downpour came to a halt and blessed us all with the most gorgeous evening sky. This photo I love to call, "Purple (after) Rain".

It's usually second nature to whip our phones out and snap a couple of pictures before a meal. This, however, was a rare exception. We were too preoccupied with the food, so here's a shot of the menu I designed instead. We were served some of the most wonderfully crafted dishes, including tamarind glazed chicken wings, balinese pork ribs, roasted pumpkin with yoghurt dressing, and my personal favourite: portobello mushrooms with herb garlic butter.

Pretty much nothing beats family and close friends coming together for an evening of food, drink, and good banter.

The most gorgeous (and expensive) cake I've bought yet. I went a little overboard with estimating the serving size, but that meant more leftover cake for the next few breakfasts! Zee & Elle Bakery perfected this semi-naked cake, both inside and out. The garnish was just as I imagined, while the Vanilla Lemon flavoured goodness was nothing short of divine.

As night fell, we were rewarded with this pretty sight. A live band performed in the background, crooning acoustic rock music from the likes of Queen and the Eagles - songs from an era of music with a special place in my heart.

Officially becoming an adult is a little daunting, yet exciting. It's an era of finding myself for who I truly am and what I want to pursue in life. It's also a responsibility in many ways. One of the biggest (and what I've been looking forward to with eager anticipation) is voting. I would go on about the 'power of the people' and how 'every vote counts', but I'll save that for another day!

My twenties look to be one hell of a thrill ride, and I sure do love rollercoasters. I'll do my best to share all of my experiences with you, right here.

Photographed by: Jen